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COMSOC Video Seminar: Franz Dietrich and Sean Horan - Shared screen with speaker view
Klaus Nehring
why would the group WANT to be dynamically rational? …
Ulle Endriss
QUESTION: Asking for aggregation and revision to commute is very demanding. So would it make sense to restrict attention to agendas where at least aggregation is known to work (i.e., where we have collective rationality)?
Marcus Pivato
QUESTIONS: (1) I think the “Systematicity” axiom is the main culprit here. What if you get rid of “Systematicity” (and Independence)? (2) What if the group’s revision rule is not the same as the individual’s revision rules?
Ulle Endriss
Ok, thanks
Franz Dietrich
Question, if I may.
Chris ShuYu Dong
QUESTION: What happens if we weaken reversal improvement to the outcome being better *or equal*?
Vincent Merlin
Question : is there a way to obtain the characterization from the set of profiles instead of the tournament relation ?
Franz Dietrich
If still time, another question from me.